It’s A Ring Thing

We’ve pretty much established that I’m not a jewelry, make-up, flashy, girlie kind of girl. So when it came to giving Mr. B any kind of idea what an “appropriate” engagement ring might be for me, all I could really say was that I don’t care for diamonds and flash and, oh yeah, steer clear of yellow gold — by all means.

And, besides, the ring wasn’t all that important. It was, indeed, much more important to Mr. B than it ever was to me. So the ring reins were easy reins to hand over. (The control over the proposal, though? A little more difficult.) Mr. B spent lots of time researching, exploring and learning about all things engagement-ring. The day I heard him randomly throw the words “princess cut” into a conversation is a day I’ll not soon forget.

Anyway, I was so much more looking forward to the day he asked me to spend our forever together. And the words, the moment always, always outweighed any piece of jewelry he would ever give me.

And that day came. And the words, the setting, the emotions … everything was perfect. Even the very simple silver band he slid on my finger, promising it was only temporary.

Silver engagement band

Temporary or not, this ring carried with it so much joy and so many wonderful promises of a life together with my best friend.

The day after the proposal, Mr. B and I decided to take a walk through downtown — smitten as ever and simply glowing. There may or may not have even been a free dessert that resulted from explaining the stupid grins we couldn’t wipe off of our faces if we’d tried. On our walk, we stumbled into a store — I was looking for a new purse. (Yeah, I’m always looking for a new purse.) And they had a jewelry display from local artist Kara | Daniel Jewelry. There was a ring in there that I couldn’t take my eyes off. It was simple, stainless steel with a tension-set garnet. (I love red.) I told Mr. B that that was exactly the kind of ring I would choose for myself. You know, if I were the one making the decision.

A little hint never hurt anyone, right?

But it wouldn’t be that exact ring. It was too small. By justasmidge. But the store put Mr. B in touch with the artist. And, before I knew it, we had a meeting set up with them the following week. To be fitted and to talk about our custom-designed engagement ring.

I had to take a little time off work. But PTO should be used for celebrating the amazing joys of life, just as much as it should be used for hiding under your covers with a cold. So, not only did I get to see Mr. B on a random weekday, I got to sit with him as we designed the engagement ring together — which, by the way, makes it a millionty times more special.

I was immediately impressed with Kara and Daniel during our initial meeting at their studio. They spent time getting to know us a bit and talked to us about what we wanted. I, of course, deferred to Mr. B on some things because he was now the jewelry expert. And then I tried on rings. They even let us try on some potential wedding bands, as I had expressed concern that my engagement ring simply wouldn’t look right with a traditional wedding band.

We left there that day with my engagement ring ordered — and wedding bands picked out for when we were ready for those. And, suddenly, my ring became important to me. It became important to me because it was important to Mr. B. And we had picked it out together — knowing that nowhere in the world would there be a ring exactly like mine. But more than that, it became extremely symbolic of the love Mr. B and I shared — and the hopes that encircled us as we entered into a shared life together. This ring became a representation of Mr. B in my everyday life — and since we do live apart and see each other only a couple of days a week, it gave me warm fuzzy feelings every time I thought of it having a home on my left hand.

So, the process of creating this ring started. From Mr. B helping to pick out the perfect ruby to having a surprise inscription put on the ring, it became a labor of love from Mr. B and a work of art by Kara and Daniel. Granted, the process seemed to take forever. It didn’t really. But I was just so excited about the ring and how very perfectly it represented my taste as well as our relationship. Time seemed to drag on. But then Mr. B called me, letting me know that, indeed, I would have my ring in time for our engagement pictures — which we had to move up because early warm weather brought the blossoms out sooner than expected. When he got home that night, he slipped the ring on my finger, asking me — for the second time — to be his wife. And the tears flowed. Again.


Taking my new ring for a picnic on the beach with Mr. B before our engagement photo shoot.

Like any creative process, there were a few hiccups along the way. The ruby wasn’t quite what Mr. B envisioned it once he saw it in real life. The ruby they all chose is simply gorgeous and certainly puts off fire when the sun hits it. And then there was that whole snafu with the inscription: “mind boady soul.”


Embarrassingly, this writer/editor didn't even notice the spelling error because she was so in love with the ring.

Kara and Daniel were wonderful to deal with in getting the inscription fixed. They send the rings out for engraving, and they overnighted it both ways so I wouldn’t have to be without my ring for too long. For a gal who never much cared about an engagement ring in the beginning, I surely was sad to be without it.

It actually worked out well because I got the ring in time for our engagement shoot. Had anyone noticed the spelling error, I may not have had the ring in time for our pictures. This way, I had the ring for the pictures and sent it back with Mr. B to be corrected that next week. I really was only without it for just under a week. Plus, I got to hear “Will you marry me?” for a third time. It never lost its magic. And, yeah, the tears flowed. Again.

engagement ring

Thankfully, the ring was in its rightful home during our engagement pictures.

In all, I am absolutely in love with this ring — and ALL that it symbolizes. As I said before, it is the perfect reflection of both my taste and my relationship with Mr. B. Kara and Daniel did a wonderful job bringing the ring of my dreams to life. And I very much look forward to working with them in the process of getting our wedding bands made. In fact, Kara was kind enough to take a photo with the wedding bands we tried on during our initial meeting. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Final Rings

This photo always makes my heart flutter. I simply cannot wait to put that ring on Mr. B's finger. (Photo courtesy Kara | Daniel Jewelry)


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