On Being Married

Mr. and Mrs. B

One of my very favorite wedding photos.

Mr. B and I are coming up on three weeks married. And, clearly, that makes us experts on marriage.

Or not.

Really, can anyone ever be an expert on marriage?

In fact, it’s still weird to think about being someone’s wife, having a husband, being married. I mean, my gosh, I’m a “Mrs.”

And every time I get another piece of mail with my new name on it, I hide it away because it still looks weird. Mom says it will always look weird. But a weird I’ll get used to, I suppose. If someone were to call me by my married name, I doubt I’d answer. Yet.

Mr. B and I are still settling into our life together. He’s just started a new job, and we’re still working on merging our two separate homes to create our new “together home.” So there’s a lot to do until we really feel like we’re settling into our routine instead of two separate routines that happen to pass in the night.

But, in the short three weeks we’ve been married, some things have become very clear:

  • Two people make a lot more dirty laundry than one person
  • What is annoying to one person is not the same thing that’s annoying to another person — and vice versa
  • “Decorating” can, apparently, mean two different things
  • Two people make a lot more garbage than one person
  • Being married is sometimes nighttime snuggles and whispering sweet nothings, sometimes it’s waking up to a clogged toilet and a note on the toilet seat that says “don’t use the toilet, it needs to be plunged and I didn’t want to wake you to find the plunger”*
  • Compromise is important — even when it comes to what brand of toilet paper to buy
  • Grocery shopping just got A LOT more interesting
  • My wardrobe just doubled! (Yes, I’m writing this post on the couch, snuggled up in Mr. B’s T-shirt and wearing his socks to keep my toesies toasty. Shhh … don’t tell him.)

And, most importantly:

  • Life truly is better — and a lot more fun — with my best friend, the love of my life, by my side
spinning at wedding

He can always make me laugh.

*Still feel bad about that, Mr. B


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Saying Thanks

There’s been a lot of excitement in my life over the past year. For obvious reasons.

Me and Mr. B

Our first kiss as husband and wife.

But I have a hard time even describing what the day meant to me. What it meant to us.

You see, this wedding was about so much more than Becoming Mrs. B. It was about family. And friends. And love.

For me, that meant having our families play a big role in our big day. And they did. And they all were fantastic, going above and beyond what I could have ever asked of them. Our families made our YAY Day dreams come true. Without them? It would have been just another day. With some pretty clothes and a sunrise.

My family

Team W

Mr. B's family

Team B

There are a lot of people to thank. The list is too long for this little blog. Maybe I’ll sum it up by saying a BIG thank you to everyone:

  • For your support and encouragement
  • For listening to us ramble on and on about the wedding
  • For showing us what love is and showing us what it means to truly love someone
  • For being happy for us
  • For crying with us — the happy tears and the sad ones
  • For celebrating with us
  • For answering the phone
  • For dancing with us
  • For jumping for joy
  • For always being there, no matter what
  • For waking up before the sun to help us celebrate our love
  • Most importantly, for loving us

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how much it meant to me to have my parents by my side over the past year — through the ups and the downs of planning YAY Day. Because there were both ups and downs (though, mostly ups).

The whole wedding planning process reminds me a bit of the craziness of growing up in a house with six kids.

As one of those six, I didn’t get a lot of one-on-one time with my mom or dad. It’s to be expected (I’m surprised my parents survived us all). Wedding planning was the same way. There’s A LOT going on in my parents’ world. They’re farmers. They’re busy. They have their own life that doesn’t, shockingly, revolve around mine.

But, like when I was growing up, in the middle of all the chaos, my parents found time to make me feel special — to make YAY Day special.

When I was in school and working on a project, I could 100 percent be certain my mom would be there to help me — giving me her undivided attention to make sure my project was the best it could be. Maybe it’s why I worked so hard in school — knowing that Mom would be there by my side. And, what’s a wedding if not a really big special project? It meant so, so much to me to have my mom selflessly helping me with the details of putting together the most beautiful wedding possible.

Me and mom

I love this moment between my mom and me at the beginning of the ceremony.

And Dad? It was even harder to get Kimi-Dad time when I was growing up. But I could always always count on my dad for a dance at any weddings. It was one of the things I most looked forward to. When I danced with Dad at those weddings, it was like the rest of the world disappeared. And our father-daughter dance at the wedding? Brought back so many wonderful memories. And a flood of emotion — for both of us.

Dancing with dad

Honestly, I can’t even look at these pictures without tearing up.



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A Wedding!

I can now officially say that I am Mrs. B. Our wedding was absolutely everything I could have dreamed — and then some. I’ll write more later. For now, let me leave you with this.

skipping down the aisle

So much love. So much joy.

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Countdown to YAY-Day: 1

I can’t even believe that tomorrow is YAY-Day! Time has both crawled and flown by. We have eleventy hundred tasks and to-dos to accomplish today, ending with our rehearsal and decorating. But, first, we had to take a few minutes to enjoy some peaceful seconds watching the sun rise as we drank our coffee.

1 Gorgeous Sunrise


Sunrise at the Warren farm.

And, yes, the air was crisp this morning. And it’s going to be chilly tomorrow morning as well. Our guests may want to be prepared with blankets, sweaters or shawls. But, it’s fall in Michigan. This is to be expected. Besides, I guarantee no one will be as cold as I will be in my cute little wedding dress.

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Countdown to YAY-Day: 2

We’re blessed to have so many wonderful people participating in our big day — whether standing beside us or working behind the scenes. And they’re all — you’re ALL — equally important to our big day. And we most certainly couldn’t have pulled this all together without every single one of you.

But, let’s be honest, no matter what anyone says in whatever the situation, there are always favorites.

2 Excited Ring Bearers

Ring Bearers

Always adorable. Always trouble makers.

And, yes, Mr. B and I are fully aware that these two are going to steal the show. And we’re mostly OK with it.

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Countdown to YAY-Day: 3

Some days I run for distance. Some days I run for speed. Some days I run to be alone with my thoughts. This morning, I laced up my shoes, strapped on my headlamp and headed out to find some space.

There’s a lot going on in life right now — for very obvious reasons. And it’s easy to have the little “things” overshadow the big, joyous picture of what we’re about to do. There are constant phone calls, zillions of emails, unlimited Google Docs and ubiquitous to-do lists. And this morning, I just needed to be alone with my thoughts on the dark street, pounding the pavement, clearing my head. It was a gorgeous morning for a run. And it was so nice to have a space for my head right now.

3 Reflective* Miles

me in my reflective running gear

I always make sure I’m seen.

*See what I did there?


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Countdown to YAY-Day: 4

As you may know, Mr. B and I met during ArtPrize last year. We spent 10 hours wandering the streets of Grand Rapids, looking at art and talking — or not, and it wasn’t even awkward. It was the best first date I can ever, to this day, imagine. And I was a smitten kitten from that first hug in front of Biggby Coffee. And most definitely connected by the time we found the metal monkeys.

So, this year, we headed out to ArtPrize on Sept. 24 — the one-year anniversary of the day we met. We didn’t have a lot of time. Certainly not 10 hours. But we made time to check out some art, visit some favorite places and snack on some pumpkin gelato (another fond first-date memory).

One of my favorite stops was from Dale Rogers Studio — maker of last year’s Metal Monkey Mania. Flight! brings back fond memories of last year’s stroll under the monkeys — and of the beginnings of Mr. and Soon-to-be Mrs. B.

4 Birds of Flight

Dale Rogers Birds of Flight

While they’ll never replace the monkeys, these giant birds were fun to see.

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